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National Philanthropy Day 2020: Herbert E. Kaplan Youth in Philanthropy Scholar

On November 19th, I celebrated National Philanthropy Day 2020 with the Rhode Island chapter of The Association of Fundraising Professionals! Through this virtual event, I met so many philanthropic individuals as well as other awardees, who are not only bringing philanthropy into their Rhode Island communities, but also around the nation.

Since 1987, local chapters of the AFP around the world plan a day in November every year to celebrate philanthropy in communities. This day is known as National Philanthropy Day. The purpose of NPD is for non-profits to come together to honor and recognize all of the philanthropic efforts and volunteering of all different impactful groups.

I was honored to have been chosen at the 2020 Herbert E. Kaplan Youth in Philanthropy Scholar. Over the past few years, I have discovered the importance of philanthropy and having a generous spirit in making an impact on the community around you. Philanthropy is the act of giving back as well as your active desire to promote the welfare of others. I have had so many influential people that have inspired me to get involved in philanthropy in my community. I am looking forward to encouraging future philanthropic movements in Rhode Island!

If you would like to watch the video presentation of my award, it is attached below!

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