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OWN Your Mornings

Updated: Oct 4, 2022

We have now entered the second month of the new year, 2022. Daily activities are beginning to return to their busy schedules, school work and job duties are picking up once again, and we all are awaiting the return of warm weather to cure those winter blues. On those cold mornings, it can be a struggle at times to get out of bed, where we must escape the comfort and warmth from beneath our covers. On the mornings where we have to wake up a little earlier than we would like, it can be difficult to find enjoyment in those early hours. But I want to share with you a few tips that I hope will help you get excited to get out of bed, and look forward to the early morning and the rest of your day.

  1. Set Your Alarm A Few Minutes Early

Each morning, you set your alarm in order to get up and start the day according to your upcoming schedule. Everyone has different wake up times, based on what they have to do that day, how they like to wake up, breakfast preferences, or working out habits. Whatever way you like to wake up, set that alarm a few minutes earlier than your typical wake-up time. You will find that, perhaps, you won’t be rushing out the door, or having to eat a speedy breakfast “snack”, rather than a start-off-the-day meal. With just an extra 15-30 minutes added to your morning routine, you will have more time to relax, eat breakfast, and plan for the rest of your day.

2. Don’t Check Your Phone For 30 Minutes

Take a few minutes in the morning just for yourself. Absorb the sunlight flooding into your room through the windows. Lay in your bed and simply adjust to waking up. Although I am guilty of falling into the habit of doing this myself as soon as I open my eyes, avoid going onto your phone for at least 15 minutes after you wake up. We sometimes feel a constant urge to check social media in fear of “missing out” on anything, from the moment we wake up. But it is important to take this time to focus just on yourself before you start your day. Make yourself a cup of coffee or a glass of water, make your bed, or try journaling. Take a moment to appreciate the little things around you. Trust me, you are not missing out on ANYTHING at 7:00 AM:)

3. Make Your Bed

Making your bed every morning is the perfect way to start the day. It gives you the first sense of completion that can motivate you throughout the rest of your day, and fill you with positive energy. If you are feeling down after a long day, you can come home to a nicely made bed, rather than seeing wrinkly sheets and a twisted comforter that results in you having to exert unnecessary negative energy to fix it.

A made bed will, at the end of day, even after a difficult one, remind you that you did complete one thing today - making your bed. And you can peacefully put your head on your fresh pillow and fall asleep on that.

4. Have A Nourishing Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Your breakfast can determine how your day starts, and how it will continue for the rest of the day. It is important to eat something that fuels your body with enough energy for working, exercising, and thinking for a day’s duration. Some of my favorite breakfast options are green smoothies, avocado toast, fruit and granola, or oatmeal!

5. Get Some Sunlight

Each morning, you wake up with the sunrise. As you wake up, the sun is waking up too. It is important to go outside earlier in the day, and just take a deep breath of fresh air. It is essential for the human body and soul, both mentally and physically.

6. Move Your Body

Exercising is so important for you physically, as well as mentally. Getting your body up and moving, and your heart rate up for at least 30 minutes a day is helpful for a positive attitude and clearing your mind of any negativities, especially right when you wake up to start your day. Exercising can be as simple as a walk or run around your neighborhood, a YouTube yoga video, or a short workout that you can do on your bedroom floor after getting out of bed!

7. Find Some Daily Inspiration

Whether you find inspiration in music, podcasts, or any other form, take advantage of being inspired in the morning to start off your day right! Listen or do something that inspires you when you wake up, so that you can look at the rest of your day with a positive mindset.

8. Make A Schedule For Your Day

As you wake up in the morning, it can be overwhelming to think about all of the tasks you have for the upcoming day. I keep a notepad next to my bed, where I write out my schedule and what I have to do for that day so I am prepared to get everything that needs to be done, DONE!

Little changes can make big differences. YOU have the ability to take mornings into your hands, and get excited to get out of bed!

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