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Explore Your World

Pastel Green and White Framed Beauty Log


Whether it is locally, nationally, or world wide, small changes in a community can lead to bigger changes in the world. 

Explore and learn about different opportunities that you can take part in and inspire your community to make a difference.

Pastel Green and White Framed Beauty Log


What's better than shopping for a cause? From bathing suits made from recycled plastics to companies donating proceeds to causes you love, buying something that you know is making a positive impact in the world makes your purchase even better! 

Pastel Green and White Framed Beauty Log


Looking for good books to read on a lazy Sunday afternoon? There are so many options that you can enjoy!

 Check out all of these inspirational books for a good read. You'll never want to put it down!

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Monthly Feel Goods

Whether it is a local charity, or responding to a national or global event, every month will be a new opportunity for any individual to easily take part. You can read about the topic of the month and choose to donate, volunteer locally, or even purchase a product whose proceeds are donated to a foundation.

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